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[July 3, 2007]


Strange beings have opened a doorway in the Arnisdale crypt.
Mortals have entered the doorway and never returned. Locals
are terrified by the implications.

"We found one corpse, all dried up
         and dusty. It only weighed 2 stones"
    -a scared farmer

"I'll give you never fever, baby
I'll open up your circus of silence 
then destroy the center ring
I'll put a pause into each of your wrists
and turn your world into a graveyard
bless you with underground wings

then curse you with peepholes 
flood you with alien blues
kill you then let you live"
-a voice from the crypt


[May 17, 2006]


Darker Realms is turning 16 and we are throwing a party!
The party will run from Friday, June 9th through Sunday the
11th.  Lots of activities and surprises are in the works, so
check Post 20 in the Adventurers' guild over the next few
weeks so you don't miss out on all the fun!!!


[December 2, 2003]


to Guilo's new home in Arnisdale.  Come by and
meet some of Guilo's best friends.  They always
          seem to be hanging around!  

        Meet the Cheat in Strongbadia,
Find your way through Strong Bad's Attic Maze,
     Or just hang out with the Poopsmith!

 So if you're tired of running around killing
the same old stuff and crave a little adventure
   or a few good laughs, stop by and visit!

 Directions: South of the Arnisdale churchyard
   and east before the Millennium Clubhouse
             You can't miss it!


[January 23, 2003]


To explore a realm newly discovered in Grog's
mysterious green fog. A lost adventurer stumbled
around for hours before tripping into an old man.
	"He showed me an entire town, hidden
	 within the fog!  I NEVER would have
	 survived the dread fog fiend had it
         not been for that town, and its pub!"
	          -some crotchety Eternal.

Brave adventurers needed to help pave the way 
for future travellers, and open new markets and
roads.  Look for the fog!


[January 8, 2002]


                    LOW LOW PRICES!!!

These maps come equipped standard with Arnisdale, Old and
Newland, and include closeup maps of the main towns which
bear the names of the areas.  These maps also come loaded
with a service plan that ensures the maps will be current
and up to date with the latest finds as our cartographers
work round the clock to keep you satisfied!  You can find
these maps at the retail shop in Oldland town, the supply
shop in Arnisdale, and the Flea Market in Newland!  Hurry
on down and pick up yours today! *

* Prices and availability subject to change without warning.
  License available upon request.  No animals were harmed in
  the making of these maps.  Immediate relatives and friends
  of sales associates may not participate in promotions.  In
  case of emergency, break glass.  Sorry, CODs not accepted.
  Only one map per customer.  Some restrictions apply.  Void
  where prohibited.


[December 18, 2001]

It has been a great disappointment to me to see bandits and ogres
taking advantage of the reopening of the road to Arnisdale.  Let
it be known that I have opened a barracks at Ogre Pass, which is
staffed by some of the very finest soldiers in the land.  They will
protect the many visitors to our town from the activities of these
shameful rogues.

Prince Roland, rightful King of Arnisdale


[October 18, 2001]

The P.U.R. (People's Underground Republic) needs your help.
Someone has freed the Terrible black beast of Aaaaaahh
and he now guards the entrance to the cave of CaerBannog.  
As a reward to the adventurer who rids us of this foul menace, 
the P.U.R. will allow that brave soul to keep the legendary sword 
the beast carries - a weapon whose ego is said to be matched
only by its power.  To begin this task, report to our customs
office west of the train station below the main shop.


[March 29, 2001]

   Tired of being beaten silly by everything?
   Want to escape it all?

   Then come to John Appleton's apple orchard
   and relax with a drop of John Appleton's
   finest apple cider and chat with friends.

  *Complimentary games of hang-man available
   at the tavern for every newbie.

   (From newland church: e, 3n, 2ne, e, ne, 5e, 2s, e)


[March 29, 2001]

   Think you are tough?  Think Termie is a wimp?
   Then come to the land of Y2020 and try yourself
   against some real muscle.  Of course, if you
   _are_ a wimp, then maybe you should stick with 
   terrorizing the smurfs.  You can travel to this
   land of fearsome foes via the Doctor's Tardis,
   if you dare!


[March 3, 2001]

Upworlders!  I, Belgar, Dwarven King, invite you to trade with us and
see the wonders of our underground city.  We have recently tracked a
band of goblins to a cave near the city of Udan.  There you may find
entrance to our beloved city.  Let me advise you, however, that we are
a proud and strong race, and are militarily superior!  You will notice
that we patrol our areas regularly, and look for foes even among the
tunnels near our city.

Humans, dragons, and other upworlders, come and share grog with us!



[March 3, 2001]

Are you tired of spending time and money to get equipment, only
to have to sell it when you have to leave an hour later?  Do you
wish there were some place in the Realms you could call your own?

Look no farther than the Solace Town Inn!  Located just a few
west of Tika's Tavern, we offer storage lockers for rent at very
reasonable prices.  We also offer special rooms you may customise
as you wish and use to store items or just chat with your

Hope to see you soon!

See also help new.

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