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                  *-*-=  Help on Various Commands =-*-*

Please try "help general" if you are very new to Darker Realms. This section
of the help facility contains various commands which are commonly used during
a mudding session. This is not an exhaustive list, but should be enough to
get you well on your way to higher levels of play.

Some commands are for configuring your character, such as "brief", "chfn",
"color", "describe", "password", etc. Some commands are for viewing info
about other characters and items, such as "finger", "who", etc. Information
about guilds and other indepth subjects can be found elsewhere in the help
facility. Try "help <topic>" where "<topic>" is one of the sections below.

Commands topics:
abort, alias, allowsnoop, assist, bags, brief, bug, checkmark, chfn,
cls, color, coms, date, describe, disband, do, dotimes, drop, eq,
equip, exa, finger, flee, follow, from, get, give, glance, group,
groupname, groupsay, groupstat, help, history, i, idea, if, kill,
look, loot, mail, mailx, mark, money, news, nick, parse, password,
pause, pending, pipe, praise, print, prompt, punishments, put, quit,
register, remove, restart, save, sc, score, screen, search, shape,
split, sponsors, stop, suspend, tag, timezone, toggle, typo, unalias,
unfollow, ungroup, unmark, unnick, untag, unwield, uptime, var, walk,
wear, who, whoami, wield, wimpy, xalias, xp.

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