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There are a growing number of guilds on Darker Realms. Each of the guilds
is different, and all are approved by the administration. Please note:

  -- Joining a guild might make some of the information in this help
     facility obsolete. Spell point, hit point, and level information,
     for instance, will likely be incorrect for you.
  -- Failure to report bugs or errors you find in any guild will result
     in your banishment from that guild, and maybe the game.
  -- Each guild is run by its owner. If that owner has a rule about his/her
     guild, then you must follow this rule. This includes rules about
     keeping guilds secret, not using your powers on other players, etc.
     Please note that this includes such things as not giving away
     information about how to join a guild, even when you are not a member
     of the guild in question. If you have a question in regards to
     whether or not players are allowed to divulge a guild's location or
     information concerning a guild's quest, ask the owner or a current
     member of the guild. If you wish to know who the owner of a guild is,
     ask a wizard or a current member. If you are unable to contact the
     owner and current member information is uncertain, always assume
     that a guild's location, and certainly any quest information to join,
     is a secret.

There are many guilds throughout the mud, but here's a quick overview of
a few of them:

  -- Mage Guild: Players in the mage guild have a choice of magic spells. As
         they cast more spells, they gain more guild experience. This
         experience can be used to advance in mage levels (and thus gain
         more spells), or to enhance certain stats (such as dexterity).
  -- Barbarian Guild: Barbarians are strong, obviously barbaric fighters.
         They are well known around Darker Realms for their ability to
         fight and grunt, as well as their inability to talk correctly.
  -- Paladin Guild: Paladins are excellent fighters with blade weapons, but
         are (obviously) somewhat restricted to the good alignments. (See
         the help page on "alignment".)
  -- Shifter Guild: The shape shifters of Darker Realms can transform
         themselves into dozens of different forms, such as dragons, insects,
         birds and even fish.
  -- Cybertech Guild: Cyber players can replace their limbs and other
         organic parts with better, cyber-parts that grant numerous
         advantages and special abilities.
  -- Dragon Guild: Dragons are exceptionally big, with scales that armor
         them against attacks, powerful claws to strike their opponents
         with, and the ability to breathe deadly attacks on their enemy.
         Depending on their color, they may be evil, good, or neutral.
  -- Alchemist Guild: Alchemists are weak and feeble physically, but can
         create a wide variety of potions with some astonishingly powerful
         effects, for use by themselves and sometimes by other players.

There are other guilds, and even more on the way. This is just a taste of
those which do exist. You are welcome to ask wizards or players about these
guilds, but please keep in mind that due to individual guild rules, they
might only be able to provide you with limited information about them.

For more specific information about any of the guilds listed here, try
'help <name>-guild', eg. 'help barbarian-guild'.

These pages can be made dark, light, or plain.
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