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04/29/03 -- Added a section for screenshots.
11/19/01 -- Added Arnisdale maps to the maps page.
04/28/01 -- Added full continent overview maps to the maps page.
04/03/01 -- Added a new page for the notice board on the game.
03/01/01 -- Finally added a page for the Mage guild.
Added a note to the other guild pages noting if the locations are hidden.
01/25/01 -- Added a page for maps.
10/03/00 -- Added a link to some game logs.
09/04/00 -- Added a web-based finger script.
08/28/00 -- Added a page for the Alchemists' Guild.
05/09/00 -- Added a couple local Java clients.
04/04/00 -- The pictures page and player home pages page are now one page again, which is automatically generated by the game once a day based on players' finger info. 'help chfn' for more information.
03/--/00 -- Site redesigned and expanded. From now on, this page will only list major changes. The quest list and help files are now auto-generated by the game directly, and new player pictures, etc. can be noted based on the date given in the navigation section.
04/24/99 -- Lots of site changes/additions.
08/16/98 -- Updated the quest list.
07/06/98 -- Added some more pictures and home page links to the pictures page.
03/24/98 -- Added a page for the Shape Shifters' guild.
03/12/98 -- Redid all the text link images so they look nicer, and added another picture to the pictures page.
03/04/98 -- Added even more pictures and home page links to the pictures page.
02/21/98 -- Added this page.
02/20/98 -- Added some more pictures and home page links to the pictures page.
02/18/98 -- Web page opened.

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