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As a dragon, you will notice some considerable differences from being a normal human. You may no longer cast the standard spells, missile, shock and fireball; instead you will gain abilities as you advance your grade; these abilities become more and more powerful as you rise through the grades.

As a dragon, you have a fearsome bloodlust, and rising through grades is only achievable by slaying many worthy opponents - to discover whether an opponent is worthy, it is usually wise to judge their abilities and powers before starting a fight with them. But beware, for if you slay a fellow dragon, your powers will fade, and your grade may even fall. Dying will also exact a heavy toll on your grade, and should be avoided!

When slaying monsters, you will find that you gain points which may be used to raise your stats. But take note, for you will gain much more points when slaying a worthy opponent than an unworthy one.

You will notice, in your score, a mention of your level of confidence. It is vital for dragons to maintain high self-confidence, or they will perform very poorly when fighting. Self-confidence is maintained by constantly heaping more and more treasure on your hoard in the guild. But beware, for no dragon could ever contemplate raiding the treasures on their own hoard, no matter how desperate the need. Nor could a true dragon place treasure purchased from a shop on their hoard - it would be forever tainted by it.

As you fight, or perform other strenuous activities, you will become tired, and as you becmore more and more tired, your fighting abilities will decrease, until eventually it will become advisable to sleep to recover your waning powers. Similarly, you will probably become hungry; hunger is appeased purely by the consumption of corpses; nothing else will do. If you go too long without eating any corpses, you will surely die of starvation, but, equally, beware of overeating, as it too has harmful effects.

Dragons can wield weapons as normal, though they are quite good at unarmed combat, and some attacks will only be possible when not wielding any weapon.

Dragons, however, do not like armor; they prefer to rely on the protective powers of their scales, although regular preening is required to keep them in tip-top condition. A true dragon will never feel comfortable wearing armor, although they do greatly like to wear rings and amulets, especially magical ones. Note that when fighting, it is usually a good idea to have used "watch on" to make sure you constantly monitor your hit points; this could save you from an early death.

When you grow larger, you will eventually gain the ability to breathe various offensive spells at your enemies. You will find, however, that your body tends to only keep low stocks of such spells, and you will need to constantly replenish them, in different ways for different spells; but how you replenish such spells will be for you to find out. Depending on your color, some spells may work more effectively than others, but again, this is for you to find out.

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