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Do You Play Too Much DR?

Take our quiz and find out!

Take 10 points for each "yes", except where noted.

1. Has your monthly ISP bill ever been larger than your grocery bill?

2. Do you talk to your mud-spouse more than you do to your real one? Take 20 points if both spouses are the same person, take 50 points if you met them on Darker Realms in the first place.

3. Mages only- have you cast Magic Mouth more than once?

4. When you broke your leg, did you insist the ambulance driver take you directly to the nearest bar?

5. Is your mud-age (in days) higher than your player level? If so, take your mud-age in points. Round up.

6. Dragons only- is your hoard larger than Bill Gates's?

7. Have you ever been published in the DRI? Take 10 points PER ISSUE.

8. Shifters only- have you ever shouted "Wonder Twin Powers- ACTIVATE!" before changing shape?

9. Do you only go to parties if the directions are expressed in number of steps north, south, east or west?

10. Are you currently within 10 feet of a piece of paper that says "dr.nostrum.com 2000"? Be sure to double check your wallets and purses. Take 30 points if the piece of paper says "worf.tamu.edu 2000".

11. Have you ever had a face-to-face meeting with a DR player from another state? Take 10 points per person.

12. Have you ever mudded more than slept in a 24 hour period?

13. Do you have a notebook for DR quest information? Take 10 points per volume.

14. Have you ever mudded until the closing of a computer laboratory, then been the first person in the next morning? No points if you were working at the laboratory for either shift.

15. Have you beaten Lucifer's Boggle quest?


0 - 21: NEWBIE- probably doesn't know what a micro is for.

22 - 44: EXPERT ADVENTURER- noticeably distracted and irritable when seperated from computer.

45 - 80: MYRMIDON- if pressed, can still remember what flowers smell like.

81 - 165: GREATER NECROMANCER- "What's 'real life' got to offer that I don't have here on DR?" Doesn't detect any sarcasm in the previous statement.

166 - 300: WIZARD- Can no longer communicate to other humans without computer as intermediary. Spoken language reduced to a series of burps and whistles.

300 & UP: GOD- has heard rumors of a giant ball of fire called "The Sun", but doesn't take them at all seriously.

Thanks for taking Mud Addiction Quiz! Next Month- Is You Honey a Hercules or a Hippo? Rate your boyfriend' power over the denizens of DR!

-Arnd, Cosmopolitan Correspondant

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