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Yea baby Yea! - Austin Powers 2

I have just recently seen Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me and I would have to say that it was a dissapointment to me. First of all, people need to learn not to make too many different previews for a single movie. I saw all the previews for the Austin Powers movies (I think there may have been 5) and those single commercials gave more than half of the jokes that were in the movie. It was funny watching it on the commercial but when I saw the movie, I was spoiled by knowing all the jokes which made the movie not as funny as it was meant to be.

I do agree with most people I have talked to that the 2nd movie was funnieOCthan the first one, however. Since the creators had a good reaction to the first movie, they knew exactly how to spicen up the sequal. They did a good job to BUT as I said - TOO MANY COMMERECIALS!!! There should only be at most 2 commercials per movie. You dont have to have a bunch of commercials for one movie to get people interested because the more you add the more people wont like the movie due to the fact all the "funniness" was in the commercials.

On the whole though I thought the movie was cool and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for reading!


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