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command: toggle <setting>

Toggles various settings on the player.

   asciiart   --   turns on or off the use of ASCII art in games and other places where ASCII art may be used.
   autoshape  --   turns on or off automatic monitoring of enemy hit points
   beep       --   turns on or off beeping on tells.
   brief      --   turns on or off brief mode.
   color      --   turns on or off color.
   droptags   --   turns on or off the 'drop' command respecting tags.
   earmuffs   --   turns on or off your receiving 'shout's.
   gamecolor  --   turns on or off color when playing games.
   monitor    --   turns on or off your HP/SP monitor.
   nameexp    --   turns on or off name expansion in 'tell's.
   newline    --   turns on or off printing fresh output on a new line.
   nowrap     --   turns on or off wrapping of text based on your screen columns setting.
   showauto   --   turns on or off seeing autoloaders in your inventory.
   speech     --   turns on or off printing onscreen of what you say/tell, etc.
   wimpy      --   turns on or off wimpy mode.
   playerchat --   turns on or off player chat.

   review     --   review current toggle settings.

Other settings may be available to eternal players or wizards.  See 'toggle review'.

See also: brief, color, emote, prompt, ptalk, say, shout, tell, whisper, wimpy.

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