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Starting out as a newbie on Darker Realms:

Basically, you want to attain experience, coins, and quest points. You gain
experience by killing monsters and solving puzzles, and attain coins in many
various ways including selling treasures you might find. Quests are important
to advancing your player. Find the Adventurers' Guild, and be sure to read
the note about the current quest system.

You move around with cardinal-direction commands (n, se). Other commands will
be required, such as 'get' and 'wield'. You are *strongly* urged to read
through the entire help facility before playing. If you are familiar with
LPMud in general, please type 'help newbie2'. If you are new to mudding
altogether, see 'help newbie'.

Armor and weapons are extremely useful when fighting monsters. If you die,
you will lose 1/4 of your experience, and maybe a level. You will then need
to return to the endoplasmatorium/church to regenerate.

It's often helpful, and suggested, for a novice to communicate with a higher
level player who can help them get started and perhaps given them a quick
tour of the main areas. You can use the "who" command to see who is playing,
and use various communication abilities to talk with them.

Type "help" without an argument for a basic list of commands.  Have fun!

See also: communication, death, experience, guilds, levels, newbie, newbie2,
questing, quests, who.

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